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Originally Posted by Starlight View Post
These places have it. Don't know anything about Downright Natural, but it on sale there

Nicky's has it too. I've had good luck with her seed.

This place doesn't have the seeds, but sells the plants of Applause:
Thanks Starlight,
I posted another thread asking about downright natural. I noticed someone else asked about them also. I am wondering if the seed is going to be true. Since it is a hybrid, they are not saving seed. I don't know where they could possibly be getting their seed. I have not been able to find Applause in the states for a few years. The cost of Nickys is more than I want to pay for seeds. And if you click on the link for Garden Harvest Supply it shows as discontinued. It has been for several years. The last time I found seeds was Vesseys and I have enough seeds to last a couple of years.
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