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Adam, I was only able to get thru the reds this afternoon and I'll come back later and post what I recorded about errors in spelling, grammar, descriptions, etc.

But I wanted to make a few general observations.

Perhaps a general announcement section at the top of all the tomato varieties might be considered.

For some varieties the seed count is given in the main listing, for others only after you hit the details button and for some varieties there appears to be a drop down box with seed count above it but for others none. I forgot to look at that drop down box to see if you were selling bulk amounts for anything.

I think each variety listed should have the same sequence of information, as in plant habit, season ( early, etc), leaf form, fruit size and shape and then any taste comments you want to share and other comments. I found that not all varieties followed that same pattern and one variety had none of that information.

I don't know as everyone will hit the details button when the main description ends with a complete sentence. To tell you the truth I didn't know that some of the descriptions rolled over via the details button until I was half way thru the reds, and then had to go back to the beginning.

On some of the details pages the shopping cart button is shown, on others it isn't.

And if folks don't hit the details button they won't know there's a place there for them to review the variety after growing it.

So all in all I was wondering if it would be worth a small introduction section where you could state the seed count for all varieties and note that any exceptions would be noted with the variety.

And maybe say that all varieties are regular leaf except where noted, where you could then say potato leaf, angora, etc.

And maybe define what you mean by early, mid-season and late, in terms of a range of days. I do like using general terms instead of specific DTM's which are guesstimates anyway. But I think giving a range of days would be helpful to many who view the website.

So just some suggestions.

I have some other obligations today so probably won't find the time to post about the Red section, and my notes are several pages long so I have to find a time period when I can do that, hopefully tomorrow AM.

And onward we go.
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