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I can't believe it. I was just a few varieties from completing this post when my AOL software kicked me off. There was no indication it was my DSL line but I've switched back to dial in with the hopes that I can get this post completed and posted now. I've been having problems with the AOL software in the last couple of weeks. Sigh.

I forgot to mention in my above psot that all new sentences should start with a capital letter or a word that's capitalized, so it should be, Snow is falling, not snow is falling, or A variety is great, not a variety is great.

Reds: ( fingers crossed)

670; with stands is one word, withstands, it should be sunburn, not sunburns, scarlet has one l, not scarlett

Aurora:, Siberia, not siberia

Danko;, is regualr leaf, not potato leaf

Egg:, I wouldn't put low acid unless you have pH results, since almost all varieties tested for pH have the same amount of acid.

Gallo Plum;, should be mid-season, should be Craig LeHoullier

Gianinni; is a large plum, not a paste variety, too juicy

Guido; beefsteak is correct

Indiana Red: mid-season

Kimberly: it was first listed in the SSE YEarbook as Kimberly but I'm told that it's spelled as Kimberley by some folks who live there.

Ludmilla's Red Plum; where it says Germany whom, it should be who, and received is the correct spelling

Lutescent; I had problems with this one and yes I've grown it. You say that the yellow foliage travels up the plant as the fruits ripen, I've never seen that and I think it's better to say that fruits ripen up in sequence. How about this:

Lutescent: indeterminate, mid-season, regular foliage which is yellowish/green, round fruits in the 4-6 oz range and fruits ripen up in a sequence from green to white to yellow to orange to red such that fruits of all colors are on the plant at the same time. ( if you want to say that Lutescent is probably the Livingston variety called Honor Bright, which has been called extinct with that name, you can).

Magyar Piros; excellent is the correct spelling, original is the correct spelling, friend is the correct spelling, where it says of Germany it should be who, not whom, where it says in 2008 it should be who, not whom.

Magyar Piroski; original is the correct spelling, where it says friend who's it should be friend whose

Maiden's Kiss; yields is the correct spelling

Moravsky Div; I don't understand 11/-2. If you meant to say 1-2 oz, that's OK, mine were a bit larger than that, and my fruits were kind of blocky, not round.

Peron Sprayless; I wouldn't say do not use sprays, rather, I might may not have to spray the foliage of this variety......

Prue; wispy, not whispy, foliage, not foilage, Earliest, not Earlyest, and Mr Prue was from MA, not MD.

Red Barn; use beefsteaks, the plural

Red Penna, may be OK, I forgot to note something

Russian Bogatyr; I've grown it and I wouldn't say it was oblong, which makes it sound like a long sausage shape, rather, you might consider saying sometimes variable shapes ranging from beefsteaks to elongated globes, definitely is the correct spelling

Russian Red: I'm not sure folks will ID with tree type, originally is the correct spelling, and it should be one sentence as in 2" fruits that taste exceptional

San Pablo; there's no info at all about plant habit, leaf form, etc., should be Peron, not peron

Sausage; need to go back, can't read my notes.

Shannon's: excellent is the correct spelling

Siberian:, foliage is the correct spelling, originally is the correct spelling

Stick; truly is the correct spelling, maybe say a single main stem with no side branches, texas should be Texas, should be details, should be resurrected. should be original, should be LeHoullier

Thessaloniki; mid-season

Ultimate Giant; should be fair amounts of 2-3 pound, should be beefsteak

Variegated; should be as I wrote to the left, not as you have it, should be mid-season, should be ornamental

Adam, if you or Ellie have any questions about what I wrote above please just ask. I'll look at the pinks next.
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