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Anna Maria's Heart, variety is correct sp

Dutchman, old variety, not strain, fruit is correct sp, Giant Belgium ( capitalize varieties), non-acid ( remove)? Adam you have non-acid for several varieties but unless you have proof a variety is non-acid I don't think it's wise to put that in there without pH values to prove it. To most folks it means a mild taste, but there are those who are allergic to the acids in tomatoes and so I just don't think you should use that term, IMO.

Ed's_________, beefsteak is correct sp

German Head, would be an ( not a), capitalize Giant Belgium, non-acid again,....and the whole business about Giant Belgium being used for wine probably came from one person and has been repeated and repeated over again thru the years. I don't see any need to repeat it again, ahem, and it wouldn't be b'c of the sweetness b'c there are many varieties that are sweet, and non-acid, nope, that's not a reason either since one generates acids when fermenting wine.

Goose Creek, definitely

Hanky Pink, beefsteak, yielder

Lincoln-Adams, yielder,plants ( not PLants), yields, Lincoln in last line

Ludmilla's Pink Heart, Germany who ( not whom), yields? can't remember

NB Dwarf, beefsteak, Resurrected, LeHoullier

Peak of Perfection, yields, resurrected, LeHoullier

Ponder Heart, non-acid again

Shapka________, missing a ) after Hat in the name,

T Britches, maybe a bit more background? it isn't common to see britches as part of a variety name, LOL

Tidwell German, yield, beefsteak, and then fix the following, now my words....this variety was not released to me, rather, I obtained the seeds from David Pendergrass whose family heirloom it is, actually his paternal grandmother's side of the family, and yes, it has been grown at least since the 1920's.. David sent seeds to quite a few folks, so nothing exclusive with respect to me.

OK, will do the next color class when I get to it.
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