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Originally Posted by Fusion_power View Post
One of those cross-over applications from another of my hobbies is the cone cracker used to crack black walnuts. It is not fancy, just an outside cone used as the anvil and an inner cone that rotates. The two cones have slightly different angles so that there is enough room at the top for a walnut to go in but it has to crack before it can get out the bottom. This concept is the basis of most pepper mills. From Worth's description, he is going to design and build just such a cone system to crack peppercorns.

I already have the crush grind ceramic pepper mill contraptions.
I just need to make the housings for them.
Which for the Crushgrind brand is rather complicated and involved.

One way of doing it the thing is stuck in there forever.
Another way it is glued in.
Same thing stuck.
Friction method not good.
My new improved method yet on the drawing board I think is a good way yet very unorthodox.
Happy Fermenting.
I Texas.
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