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I had 5 tomtoes planted at the swap. I got 20 more put in before that cold wet spell hit us. So they sat there and did nothing but look poopy'er every day. I thought even as late as this past weekend I was going to have to trash them all because they looked like they had every disease and virus I'd see pics of. Now I'm thinking it must have been the cold weather working them over, cause they are looking good now. Yay!
I have 24 peppers planted, a couple of zuke hills and today I planted 3 rows of green beans. 2 cherry tomatoes are in a container on the deck (flowering) and 2 deck peppers planted. I still have 4 tomatoes to get in the ground and some giant pumpkins. My heirloom onions look fantastic, as does the horseradish. The crows and canada geese have been feasting on the sweet corn so much, I think we're going to have to do another planting.
I think I'll lay down newspaper under the cages and then straw over that to try and keep the grass down in this new mater patch. I'll work on that in the morning cause it's been darn hot today. I planted my green beans this morning and I think the sweat dripping off my face probably watered them right in.
Amy or Tony, if you read this, my hubby forgot before we even got home what medium you used in your pots this year. All he could remember was Piqua, Ohio. So I'll need to find that out and write it down immediately.
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