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We have pretty decent weather right now. During night temperature falls to -5 degree Celsius and during the day 6 to 10 in plus. Days have enough sun so as a test I started small amount of tomato seeds just to have something to play with.

Unheated cold frame doesn't offer protection from cold during night, so at nights I bring my seedlings in house and put them on windowsill. They stay there until about 09-10 hours in the morning when temperature rise above 3 degree and sun rises above buildings that block my house backyard. So far seedlings look OK, not leggy at all.

Not sure if I made mistake and planted too early, but I planted in addition other tomato varieties, some hot peppers and ordinary peppers. Weather forecast is promising, so in few weeks I hope bringing seedling in house and moving them out in the morning would not be anymore required.

Still waiting peppers to germinate. Unfortunately they don't want to germinate half an hour after planting and starring at them doesn't help either.
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