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Originally Posted by lakelady View Post
Is it too late to sow seeds now? I did my peppers in February, and Tomatoes in March (okay, I snuck a few more tomatoes in last week ).

My driveway is mostly shade unfortunately. The dock on the lake is good sun most of the day. My garden area is mostly sun, but quite full already (on paper that is).
It's better to start eggplant seeds earlier, but you might not be too late, as my plants are still fairly small, but will yield, and your season is probably quite a bit longer than ours.

I never had luck with Black Beauty -- warm season is just not long enough here, but the hybrid Dusky did well here when I could get it -- and now both Park and Burpee have early hybrids that are the same type and do well.

Park's Whopper Hybrid -- 62 day and Burpee Early Midnight -- 55 day.

(Remembering that DTM is useful for comparing varieties, but actual DTM varies)
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