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I would say space them the same as you would if they were in the ground.

As for what to fill them with, take a page out of nctomatoman's (Craig's) book and go with a combination or potting mix and bagged composted manure (I think it's 3/4 mix to 1/4 composted manure, or maybe 2/3 to 1/3...). Both are readily available at big box stores and likely Walmart as well. Before switching to Wondersoil (coir) for ease of storage and transport, I had great results with Craig's mix.

And like was said before, if you don't put something impenetrable between the buckets and the ground the roots will find their way into the soil. If there is disease in the soil, your plants will be vulnerable to it. I think Marsha recently posted a picture where she was using the empty potting soil bags under her pots/pails to create a barrier.
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