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Originally Posted by clkeiper View Post
Salt, its review about flavor is spot on but the plants keep wilting down. I was worried about verticilium wilt so I put one cut stem in a jar of water and there was no milky fluid come out. maybe my drip tape is not working properly and they are so stressed they are keeling over. I just cant figure it out. I cut off 6 maybe 8 plants tonight picked them clean and tossed the plants out.

It's Bacterial Wilt that causes plants to wilt and that you can diagnose by placing stems in water. Verticillium will have yellowing and then browning of the leaves (typically in a V pattern) along with the wilting. For this you want to cut the stems a few inches above the soil line and check for discolored streaks.

If all the leaves are staying green and BW has been ruled out, hopefully someone else can provide some leads.
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