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Default Leeks for Hot Summers

My leeks bolted mid summer. It was relentlessly hot, and I kept them well watered. Several were developing a hard stalk and were not useable, so I went ahead and pulled what was still good several months before they could reach their potential.

The origin was (Lancelot?) plants from Dixondale, re-sold at a local nursery. The purchased bunch of plants were smaller than the year prior, and I heard from the nursery that it was a tough year for them. They were delayed in shipment too.

I would like to start seeds in addition to buying bare root again. To hedge my best against another hot summer, what may be a best of the worst choice for hot/dry conditions?

Would there be any way to plant mid summer and still get good sized leeks in fall or is that setting up for bolting again?

- Lisa
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