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A lot of our leeks bolted this year, both in my garden and at the farm. They were planted in February and transplanted out early spring, but after a few weeks of warm weather we had a major chilling (with snow and freezes) in June. I was growing Mammoth leek, and only a handful bolted by October. (small percentage say less than 5%). OTOH quite a few of them formed pearls (baby leeks coming in a clump around them - which is kinda cool. ) I also have some American Flag here which I'm keeping as a perennial, and they did not bolt early at all. Flowers came as usual very late - pretty much too late to get seed. So maybe that's a second vote for AF. I'm not sure what varieties were growing at the farm, but Lancelot is one she's grown before so could be that. The rate of bolting was pretty high I would say close to 50%! had bolted before the end of August.

Did you try eating the scapes of the leeks? I have eaten them and found them good! Of course not the same as a big fat leek but a nice treat in its own right. Like garlic scapes you would have to cut them before they get too hard.
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