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There are a few interesting leek seed varieties out there for sure which is not something I was paying much attention to thanks to my tomato addiction. I had good luck with the Lancelot Dixondale plants the summer prior. It was my first leek year and it really motivated me to make it an annual thing. This year the Dixondale plants started out so fat and healthy and but as the searing heat never ended they bolted early.

In researching leeks on the forum, I saw Tormato had a seed offer from Fred's website in 2016 . I think it was there too that there was a leek that made pearls but from memory I don't remember reading about Mammoth. Come to think of it, we had a mild spell and them went into a late winter for several weeks before the sun blast furnace got turned on all summer. I never thought of eating the scapes. Yum!

I actually bought a pack of leek seeds (have to dig them out and post what they are when I get seeds going) last year so I would have a back up plan but didn't start them when I heard my local nursery was carrying Dixondale plants again.

Well now I know to start seeds and maybe order a different variety plant (not Lancelot) from another vendor to assure delicious leeks next season!

- Lisa
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