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Bunnies and Gardens. Perfect Together. We have a wild bunny who comes into our yard through various holes in the wooden stockade fence around our yard, despite the almost constant presence of two large huskies, one of whom in particular, is a relentless hunter.

The bunny was then coming into my little snow-fenced yard garden plot through holes that developed over the winter, and poking around before I planted it. She dug a hole and built an underground nest, which I managed to remove before she started birthin' babies where my Paul Robeson was destined to go. I finally patched all the holes in the snow-fenced garden plot after a rather disastrous morning romp through the garden by bunny and huskies, who moved aside a wheelbarrow and double snow-fenced panel just to get after the bunny. Fortunately, the bunny escaped.

The other day, the bunny was back, but very disappointed b/c with all the rain and humidity here in NJ, we were behind on our mowing (now remedied), and the lawn was getting pretty tall. The bunny came in, stood up, glared at the garden, then HOPPED about 1 1/2 feet in the air several times just to get around in the tall grass before disappearing for a moment, then emerging, heading back for the hole in the big wooden fence, and looking back at me, then high-tailing it as though to say, "Forgeddaboutit!"
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