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I just went to look at the seeded annuals to give a more accurate description of the ones I left on the window. This windows sees bright sun from 6:30AM to around 4'-5'ish (as the days get longer).

I left 5 germinated seeds in a small pot. 3 of those are still on it's 1st leaves - 1/4 long by 1/18" wide at most ! The other other has a real set of leaves at 1/16" long and maybe 1'32" wide. And as crazy as this may sound, it's been about 3 months, so I would day the leaves have been like this for at least 75 days !

As a test bed, I took 2 of these out of the window and put it under the growing lights - and yes, the finally actually started to ~grow~ for real. I think my window is just blocking out too much of the good stuff...

Orchids do fine by this window though
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