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I don't think the winners post ever made it here so here's a repost from that thread, less time-related comments:

Sweetest by a long shot -Sweet Gold grown by Hilde
2nd place was Sungold grown by Mark Korney

Ugliest was grown by Marcia Ritchie, but I don't know what variety it really was!

Boldest Flavor was a tie between Black Sea Man grown by Marcia Ritchie, and Azchoyka grown by me and Hilde. Norm the eldest grower there was the tie breaker(who voted for neither) and picked Black Sea Man

Smallest went to Sungold grown by Mark Korney.
Second place went to Gardener's Delight grown by me.

Biggest went to Earl's Faux grown by Rob Kavanaugh at 1lb 8.7 oz
There were quite a few close in weight grown by Mark Korney

Best Overall went to Earl's Faux grown by Rob Kavanaugh.(I also had Earl's there too, but I think Rob's was much better.)
Second place was Stump of the World grown by me.
Third place was a tie between Black Russian grown by Norm Brown and Black Cherry, I think was grown by Marcia Ritchie.

I'm so happy it everything turned out so well. We had such a wonderful group of people show up!!!
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