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Originally Posted by drew51 View Post
Mexico is not ideal anyway for strawberries. But best to grow what the locals do anyway! I would give them up to be in Mexico! Soon my butt will turn blue from the cold!
That's why I left Texas, too hot and too cold.

I'm 5000' high so it doesn't get very hot or cold here. I keep orchids attached to trees all year but it has gotten down to 45 F at night in the winter. One time it snowed in Guadalajara and most people had never seen snow so they were amazed.

Lately it has been cool here in the 70's. We can tell where people are from by the way they dress. The Mexicans are bundled up in coats, sweaters, hoodies. The Americans wear regular jeans and shirts. The Canadians wear bermuda shorts. No matter what the weather is the Canadians wear shorts.

Most of us don't have air conditioning and we get by with small electric heaters in the winter. Some sissies have large gas heaters. These houses are all stone like castles are so they can get chilly.
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