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I am not against doing at our B-More site this year in the pavillion if Cecelia is on board. Last year was a bit tough because I was between jobs. It may have to have a later date then usual because of the cold weather this year.

Also, its not that much trouble at the pavilion in B-More. Beer is legal there and everyone just brings some food to share and tomatoes for tasting from their garden. We put out a jar on the one of the table and ask for donations to recoop the $100 for the pavilion. The park folks take away the trash (after we bag it). We have considered doing at a house but then you need to bring tables and chairs and some one is left with a mess. The pavilion is really easy when you consider and it has shade.

Part of why we stopped is because folks weren't bringing tomatoes. You can't have a tomato tasting without tomatoes. It doesn't take much really. If you grow some just bring enough for each variety for the tasting. We set out paper plates and put your name on the bottom and the type of tomato on the rim and your tomatoe varaity on the plate. There is a plastic cup with the name of your tomato next to the plate. We have loose pennies availabe. If you like the tomato you put in 0 to 3 pennies (0 hate, 3 love). At the end we weight the cups and see whose is the heaviest.

If folks are in for bringing tomatoes then I will set it up.

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