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This weekend a mutual friend introduced me to one of the commercial breeders that introduced and developed EFS (extended field storage) processing tomatoes. Today we chatted for almost an hour. EFS is substantially equivalent to the Alcobaca mutant alc, but with added tolerance to post harvest fruit rotting organisms and better cracking tolerance. EFS and alc are both allelic to nor - but both with a distinctly less severe "non-ripening" phenotype in the homozygous state. Moreover, the odd plant/fruit that I found (photo earlier in this post) looks to be homozygous at both the alc and ogc (crimson) loci - thus the crimson flesh combined with the dull yellow unripe outward appearance of the fruit. This summer I crossed this alc/alc - ogc/ogc plant to a few early striped grapes and cocktail types - F1s in the greenhouse this winter. Based on what I have learned, I think this may be an interesting, and novel, path to extended shelf life fresh market tomatoes. Next summer I'll cross to my best crimson beefsteak types derived from Tasti-Lee and Mtn Merit.

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