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Hello Tatiana

I completely understand what we do in protecting historical vegetables and Tomatoes is a passion from our soul that does not add to our finances. So I understand. With all the work and research I have completed over the years to Farm and Grow Natives Americans Fruits and Vegetables they taught my Great Great Grandfather to survive with as he travels to Fort Monroe for his Freedom as A contraband Slave, has helped my town of Hampton to dedicate a Bridge leading to Fort Monroe to the Contraband Slaves. That was a happy Day for my husband and self, as we too decided to end our research with the Native Americans, about the food history. Many Native Americans through my people have forgotten how they help us during slavery here in America. I will miss all the times I spend with Hawaiian Natives, helping them to lobby for their Bills in Congress over the last 4 years that did not Pass. But, at less the Native Americans Know that the American People Loves Them. Since Hawaii is taken back her land on the Big Island, I pray that the Hawaiian Natives People get the Respect and help they need to afford they Own land. I pray for all the families in the path of the Lava Flow and hope they all put forth Safety First and Trust in Our Government to help them rebuild their lives.

I will miss my research too, Amen!!!

Farmer Joyce Beggs
May God Bless you and my Garden, Amen


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