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Sharon, I just bought and started using a soluble "Organic based" Promix for "tomatoes vegetables and fruit" and it is 9-16-16. The one with the higher nitrogen is probably intended for leafy greens and root vegs?

According to the container it is "mycoactive" some trademarked exclusive combination of "ingredients" and "components" ie they're not saying, exactly. Besides the NPK it has calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper and boron listed for guaranteed minimum analysis, and organic matter at 29%.

I just applied for the first time yesterday at half strength with some extra watering, due to the high heat and dry conditions which they caution. I didn't see a bump in fruit size or anything as I usually see when I applied chicken manure, but the plants seemed less stressed by the heat. Will be giving them more in a day or two.

This stuff is expensive so I hope it turns out to be perfect fantastic etc and goes a long way....
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