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No it shouldn't be a 'real' K deficiency - even past two years was 'induced' by some several conditions (too cold... not enough sun...compacted soil... etc). which shouldn't be a problem except for possibly some overcrowding. I have one plant that hasn't set anything yet and I have shuffled the plants and moved some outdoors to try and give it enough light. Others are doing very well with lots of fruit setting.
The slow fruit growth is more likely due to low nutrients overall and could as well be remedied by a dose of N, in fact the 5-4-3 chicken manure had immediate effects, it just isn't soluble and I wanted something formulated for tomatoes instead of just going with fish. Mainly because K deficiency tomatoes were so disappointing.
I am a little jealous that the same plants I'm growing have more and larger and more uniform sized fruit setting in the greenhouse at the farm, while the plants are half the size. Have yet to figure out exactly all the whys that is, but my plants are basically under ground while theirs are on a hill... My results are closer to theirs when I put the plants outdoors, even in containers.
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