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Originally Posted by Nan_PA_6b View Post
Is there anything wrong with just taking the whole anther to the female? It just seems removing the pollen from the anther gives you more intermediate steps for things to go wrong.

I've been using pollen still on the anther to try to cross pollinate. What is the advantage to removing the pollen from the anther?

Pollen has to come out of the anther at some point. Removing the flower is another step. Dropping pollen is a great sign that the pollen is viable/ready and you get to keep the donor tomato. Taking the anther and drying it out under a lamp could help release the pollen if it's humid and it's not dropping. Should open and release easily enough once dry. Anyway, I've only been breeding for a few years so if there's another reason for removing the anther, I'd love to hear it. Always learning here.
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