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You mentioned radishes in your bed. They should do fine based on sister Pickle's little experiment. She used a plastic kitty litter pan with drainage holes drilled near the bottom for radishes. 6" deep pan with 4.5" of soil in it. This pan has been sitting on the front porch and gets maybe half a day of sun. So they reach for the sun and despite our trying to remember to turn the pan around every day to even it out, they still got real leggy. I had no hope for them.

Today she found these French Breakfast!

Note the curved tops. You know how radishes start pushing up out of the soil when they're about ready? My guess is that the radishes themselves started leaning towards the sun. So with your good greenhouse and bed and decent light you should get fine radishes!

I ate the smallest one. Just a hint of heat whereas the ones down in the garden are starting to get hot.
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