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Originally Posted by JerryL View Post
From facebook

Greta Gray 3:49pm Feb 10 Hi Jerry, Used the link on the facebook CHOPTAG post for the dates and place conversation, but I cannot post. I did just send an account request and I have activated.

I am unsure if you can help me or not, but if the group would like to have the event in Wilmington, I am on the Clinton County Ag Society board of directors and we can look at having this at the fairgrounds at no charge. I would need to verify other activity on the grounds if your group would like to do this.

Greta Gray

Let me know what everyone thinks about Wilmington. Personally it's good for me. If ya don't like it you have to have a better idea.
Hi Jerry,
If that fairgrounds doesn't work out, we were able to have it at one person's church dining room for free. Just a suggestion.
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