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One of the summer delicacies here are fresh new potatoes. Those are usually boiled, garnished with fresh dill and chives and served with with butter and pickled herring. The potatoes are best when cooked right after harvesting and that is why I every year grow some potatoes in containers and a small raised bed at our city yard. Potatoes for winter storage are grown at our country side field, so the bucket potatoes are grown only for fresh eating. Two years ago I found these PotatoPots, which have inserts for harvesting the potatoes while the plants still grow. I had quite good success with them. I planted three potatoes on each pot and was able to harvest three times from both pots, before the plants stopped producing.

I start the potatoes in the greenhouse and move pots outside, when there is no risk of freezing weather anymore. This way we can have new potatoes over a month earlier than from the field. The first new potatoes in the stores here can be quite expensive and the skins have already dried on the spuds and the commercial early varieties are not at all as good as the ones I grow.

Last year I grew Yukon Golds and this year I had a new variety called Jazzy.
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"I only want to live in peace, plant potatoes and dream."
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