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Originally Posted by TC_Manhattan View Post
I have a thought to add to your puzzlement: if you're counting percentages of f2 offspring with a certain trait, would not the f2 sample lot need to be from the same fruit? What I'm getting at is that different fruits (flowers) from the same plant could very likely have cross-pollinated with different cultivars. If you've sown a mixed lot of seeds from different fruits, the percentage controls could end up giving statistically contaminated results.

Oh my!

It's been shown with tomatoes that up to 4 cross pollinations can occur on one plant, different blossoms, and that happens when self pollenization is not complete so that the ovarys still have room for extra fertilizations.

I can't speak to peppers since decades ago I started growing lots of peppers ,both cold and hot, and given the specific species,they cross with abandon and no way was I going to construct fine mesh cages to help prevent that.

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