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Default Heritage Tomato Seed

I'm happy to announce Heritage Tomato Seed is now offering all 9 of the new dwarfs introduced last year by the Dwarf Tomato Project:
I am also in the process of listing our other tomato additions and hope to have them completed in early November.


As an introduction, Heritage Tomato Seed is a joint venture between my sister Marla and myself. We are still (this our third year) a very small tomato seed company and we save all of our own heirloom/OP tomato seeds.

Marla has been an avid gardener all of her life and operates our Sacramento, CA trial garden - she also does most of the blossom bagging, tomato grafting and is the only one of us that can read, and understand, a scientific paper on plant genetics. She is the brains behind the business - I'm sure she would agree.

I (Steve) run the San Diego trial garden, fill the seed orders, and do the website stuff. I have raised dahlias commercially, as cut flowers, for 30 years, so I am much more of an expert on dahlias than on tomatoes, but I'm observant, and am learning fast.

Thanks to Mischka for creating Tomatoville and thanks to everyone here for sharing your tomato growing experiences. I find the information here invaluable.

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