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Steve, nice catalog.

Can I make a suggestion? Thanks, I will.

When I got a flyer fromn Joe Bratka, whom I know quite well and saw Purple Brandywine on it I called him ASAP b'c there was no such variety and he'd given it a fictitious history as well, as he has for all his Sara ones and most of the Marizol ones.

Anyway, he said there was demand for heirlooms, so he was going to breed them, and he did. I convinced him to change the name to Marizol Bratka, since Marizol Purple was one of the parents, and he agreed but had already sent out Purple Brandywine seeds.

My suggestion? Consider leaving it as Marizol Bratka, perhaps with an aka to PB so that the Purple Brandywine with the fictitious history is less well known and maybe will go away.
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