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Originally Posted by JLJ_ View Post
Sandhill does have Giraffe (presumably Zhiraf/Giraffe)

FWIW, I accidentally found that Zolotoe Serdtse and Medovoe Serdtse were decent long keeping tomatoes -- though they're not listed anywhere as such that I know of. I picked them mature green and stored them in a cool area with cool plant lights over them and they ripened slowly over a period of months. I don't know if they behave that way consistently but might be worth a try if you're looking for long keepers.
JLJ, did Zolotoe Serdtse and Medovoe Serdtse retain a good taste when ripened in storage?

Originally Posted by JLJ_ View Post
On thread topic -- the one I'm sad is (apparently) gone is Livingston's Aristocrat -- it was very popular a century ago, and the description is interesting -- I mention it occasionally in hope that someone will pop up and say "Oh, we've grown that one in this area forever!"
That was one of my ulterior motives in creating this thread. Maybe one of us will get lucky and have our lost tomato found.

Originally Posted by JLJ_ View Post
But even if not, the once popular tomatoes are probably not really gone, but are surviving intact as or as a component of finds like "Grandpa's favorite tomato that our family always grows."
JLJ, that is such a comforting thought! Now I don't have to feel so sad about all the lost ones! You made my day!

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