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It is now day 5 after the replant of the varieties sent to me by the wonderful members here at Tomatoville. Here's the list of the varieties that have come up so far.

This list also include additional varieties that were acquired during the "Replanting Process".
================================================== =======
5.63 lb competition
Adelaide Festival
Cherokee Chocolate
Crimson Cushion
Dwarf Metallica
Ferris Wheel
Grandma Frieda's
Heatherington Pink
Livingston's Grape
Margaret Curtain
Not Vintage Wine
Olewar's Big Pink
President Garfield
Sweet Adelaide Purple

Still waiting for these which were sent to me and are in the mix. But, they have only been in the mix for about 7 days and are all older seeds. I won't be concerned until we reach day 21. And I won't be worried until we reach day 35.

1884 Purple
Hege German Pink
Morado Chocolate

I'll continue to post updates as the lists above changes

Again, I thank the folks who sent seeds.
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