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Originally Posted by tomatoaddict View Post
I guarantee the pureness of the seed we sell. Everything grown in tunnels so the risk of disease and cross pollination is pretty much zip. Iíve had many a problem in the past with varieties Iíve gotten not being correct usually from trades or a source I wasnít familiar with. Nothing worse than an imposter showing up in the garden when you were excited for something else.
100% agree.
Itís not good enough when buying seeds to ďsometimes@ get what youíve expected and paid for. I will add that I will not buy from people who cannot resist the temptation to artificially enhance colour and exaggerate descriptions.
If they canít even tell the truth about what colour a tomato is I donít believe anything else they say either.
Secret seed cartel is among the companies that provides beautiful realistic photos and correct variety descriptions along with crediting sources and breeders that is something I appreciate and respect.

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