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Originally Posted by BigVanVader View Post
Yes I did the trio, and it was a fall planting BUT other lettuces I planted did get bitter after a stretch of hot days while they did not. I had a lot of comments like how beautiful the heads were and how delicious they were. I did 2 per bag or 3 small heads per for $3. Sounds cheap but I was able to fit 3x the heads in the same space and shorter dtm. I do recall the light red color seemed less vigorous, and the color wasn't that great. This year im just doing red/green. The co-op grocery store loved them as well.

You got to start your prices somewhere, so $3 sounds like a good starting place. You have to see what your Market will tolerate. When you say that the co-op loved the lettuce, was that as seedlings? Or ready to sell heads?

Sending you a PM BTW...

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