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Originally Posted by FourOaks View Post
Nah. Only if you start making a bunch of money.
The only reasonable way for MG would be to attach some kind of permanent tank to it, that you could refill. Like the hand sprayers. I wouldn't put that past them though.
I know that Keurig put some sort of DRM reader on their 2.0 coffee makers so you could only use their products.
What a back fire joke that turned out to be.
I am surprised someone hast started selling cheaper other brand fertilizer bottles for the MG dispensers.
Not unless they some how patented those threads.
Roy Weatherby patented his radius on the magnum ammunition he designed but he more or less ripped off Holland and Holland on the belted cartridges.

My dad made a peanut combine many years ago but couldn't get it patented because some of the parts came from John Deer.
This was before anyone invented one.
If he would have manufactured these parts I would be rich right now.

He flipped out when I made a rubber washer cutting lathe when I was 13.
It runs in the family I guess.

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