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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Okay you have some options the cheap vacume breaker the put on faucets.
And good vacuum breakers.

With a vacuum breaker they need to be I think at least 18 inches higher than your highest emitter.

I dont think you want pay what I paid for mine, it is rated for a chemical plant.
Here it is.

Here is what I am thinking about but it isn't for your main line just for the water going to you fertilizer system.

Any time you connect chemicals to the water supply you should have these.
You are on a well so if it contaminates your well you are screwed.

Look up Plumbing cross connection.

The second one Worth for the ten bucks. Does that one also need to be 18 inches above the emitter?

Also with my emitter being the end of my hose line. (I don't have any emitters yet) Does that change anything? I might need to draw a picture to better explain what I am thinking.

Probably set it up like a vent stack mounted on a 2x4 in the yard.
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