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Originally Posted by Salsacharley View Post
If you are in zone 4-5 it seems a bit early to be sowing pepper seeds, unless you have some protected place to keep them until the last frost date.

I do have plenty more lavender to sow. I was just messing around when I sowed the ones I did. I'm not going to sow my pepper seeds (or tomato) until mid-late February because I always end up keeping them in 4" pots too long before transplanting outside.
Yep. It's pretty early (15 weeks to last frost on May 16) but this is me trying to get more mature plants for a good harvest. Someone else mentioned they do this with their hots and super hots and it gets a few extra weeks harvest. I'm going to pinch out the tops after 4-5 sets of leaves and pot up a couple times. Their final place will be buckets (not sure what size yet) or recycled nursery pots and I'll be able to carry them back inside to a spare bedroom if the temps really dip after May 15th. I also bought row covers, bubblewrap, and Wall O Waters to use this year. And I have one of those little four shelf greenhouses against a south facing cement wall. It's not huge but with filled water bottles in the bottom it does the trick to keep plants from freezing. I may buy a second one if these peppers and my flowers do well.
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