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I know politics are not allowed here. I'm just talking about my mental health.

The last few days have been hard. I am reading the news and trying to stay informed with facts. And it's taking a toll on my mental health. I was reading about some stuff this morning and I'm having panic attacks thinking about my future.

I'm so glad I can hangout here and kinda put the world aside for a little bit and just talk gardening. I'm supposed to have today off and I was looking forward to catching up on my to-do list, get some envelopes out, plant my eggplants and the rest of my onion seeds, but all I can do is cry and struggle to not scream. I'm taking a social media and news break, snuggling up with my husband and cats, and opening up a good book or putting on a comedy. To he!! with my to-do list...I need a chill out day.

I hope if anyone else out there is struggling that you make time for self care.

Maybe I'll take a nap too.
Books, cats, is good!
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