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There’s a milkman in the mix. For sure one or both of the original parents was a cross.
Not necessarily a bad thing because sometimes accident produce great results but it’s unlikely you will find what you originally wanted.
Keep going and see what you get or back to the drawing board with a new cross.
Personally as an amateur I’m not a back crosser as I am not scientific enough , for physical, visible characteristics I just grow lots of plants and select. For example, potato leaf. Just grow out lots (100) of your F2 seed and cull ALL that are not pl right off the bat if PL is a trait you want. now grow out as many of only the F2 PL as you have room for, more is better and look for the recessive combination you are seeking. If you find it in your F2 you are all set and all that remains is to stabilize it by growing it out 5-6 more times and carefully selecting for the best. If you don’t find what you want, you have three choices, throw in the towel and make a new and different cross, back cross hoping to improve the odds or grow out another batch of F2 seeds and hope for better luck. For myself in this instance I would change my goal or make a new cross.
Breeding for recessive physical traits is fairly easy in that once expressed they are fixed. Breeding specifically for subtle traits like disease resistance etc is way more complex.

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