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Indy, I have five acres so plenty of room to expand... for a couple of years. It's just finding more time for everything. I have too many irons in the fire right now and have been making more mistakes than I should. I need to s.l.o.w down and screw my head back on straight once in a while.

I think I've decided to just take those tubers I already pulls sprouts from and plant them in the ground, if you all think they'll still do something there? And I still have the other half of the tubers that I've had working on growing better sprouts. I'll continue my sprout pulling with those... after a few weeks. It's time to get busy on getting the rest of the garden prepped and planted now that we're about at the frost-free date. We're in a new house, starting a new garden from scratch, so we're behind on everything.
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