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Default Iron Chef - Tomatillos!

Heh, heh, now that I got your attention, is there anybody with a good recipe for a main dish using tomatillos? There has got to be something other than salsa. I went and picked off all my tomatillos from my distressed plants that got hit with a bad case of the wilts. And please nothing that requires a whole lot of different ingredients and fancy cooking.

OK, since I posted this, I may as well show something I just made. Nothing fancy, just a workingman's dish. Ingredients are shown and I leave it up to you to figure how much to use. Beef and tomatillos were seared separately, I also added a little green tomatoes, then topped with beef broth gravy.
Just my thoughts. Tomatillos taste changes when cooked, so it is a difficult thing to predict how some dishes will turn out. I still have some half ripe tomatillos left and they taste like bitter watermelon rind. Maybe give up on those.
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