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6 lb pork shoulder 1 lrg red onion 1 lrg yellow onion 3 lb tomatillos 4 jalapeno 8 long green chili 6 garlic cloves 2 yellow bell peppers 3 T olive oil

take 1/4 of long green chilis and puree with jalapeno and garlic

take 3/4 of long green chilis and chop 4.5 qts chicken broth 2.5 T chicken base 1 t celery salt 1 T cornstarch 1/2 t oregano 1 T cumin 1 bunch fresh cilantro, minced 1/2 T green chile powder 30 oz green enchilada sauce 1 T sea salt

lime juice

habanero hot sauce as needed

brine the pork for 24 hours or more

smoke the pork for 3-5 hours

cover the pork with water and simmer on low, on stove, 8-24 hours (crockpot takes twice as long)

pull the pork and discard any fat - the longer the pork simmers, the less fat there will be, discard the water

Return pork to the kettle.

Add onion, tomatillos, bell peppers and broth. Simmer 1 hour, stirring often.

Add spice mix and a little water. Simmer another hour, stirring often.

Add green enchilada sauce. Simmer 1/2 hour.

Add chopped green chili. Cook for 15 minutes.

Add pureed chilis. Cook for 10 minutes. Add salt and hot sauce.

serve with flour tortillas, green onions, cheese, tomatoes and sour cream

Green Chili Powder 3
ancho peppers 3
jalapeno 3
small chilis (hot) 1 T mexican oregano 2 T granulated garlic 2 T cumin seeds

convert oven racks to drying racks by stretching cheesecloth

secure with toothpicks or long sewn stiches

set oven at lowest temp but above 150 degrees

for electric oven, wedge a pot holder between oven and door to create a 1" gap

this allows moisture to vent

cut peppers in half to allow faster, proper drying

remove the seeds and place on baking sheet

check every hour to prevent burning - takes all day

chilis are ready when brittle

use a cheap electric coffee grinder for making powder
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