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Originally Posted by Ann123 View Post
Can I be nosy too ;-)?
The mini gourds you mention, are they the cute miniature gourds that are sold on the not trustable Chinese shops (
I always assumed they were fake. I've seen them on Pinterest too.
Are they really that small?
There really are some tiny gourds. I sometimes grow Tennessee Spinner/Dancing gourds. They are Cucurbit Pepo-it is tiny, about 2 inches. And dries easily. I use them for Halloween crafts.
Thank you for the link. Those are indeed real gourds. I have in front of me Quarry Farm Gourds latest catalog. Those little gourds in the photo are probably Mini Nigerian gourds! I have Quarry Farms new catalog. The 'Sub Minis" are in there. I tried a couple of packs of "Sub's" that I bought at Silver Dollar City, they didn't germinate. However, Quarry Farms is a good company, owned by Jung's now, I think. I will try again.
Try the Tennessee Dancing gourds. They aren't expensive like the Sub Minis. You can get the seed for the Dancers at The Sand Hill Preservation Center. $2.50 a pack. Baker Creek has them too. I don't have any seed, or I'd give you some. I might just buy a pack, if I do, I will p.m. you. If you can grow bottles you can grow dancers.
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