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Originally Posted by GoDawgs View Post
Wow, what a set up! Wonderful. However there's no way I could afford it for the amount of stuff I have.

It looks like you have two tomatoes per box. Do you do the same with peppers?
The 7 gallon pots that I got were absolutely free. We got them from a landscaping site where they were installing bushes and they just gave them to us. My peppers are in anywhere from 3 to 7 gallon pots just like the ones you see that the side of the earthbox.
One thing you should know about earthbox is that you only spend it the once and you can just get three or four at a time every year they don't degrade their getting 35 years and counting out of them. They can end up pretty cost-effective after a lot of years. Also the soil is easy to solarize and clean every year by just wrapping it in a 3 mil clear plastic bag and tying it up for a couple of months.
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