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Originally Posted by oakley View Post
I think, but do correct me if I am wrong, this thread was intended for fermenting. To share
and learn.

Our ancestors, globally, have been salt curing, dry curing, and fermenting for centuries,
before recorded history. Without incident.

Fermenting for eventual canning is completely different by miles. Canning, heat treating, is
just a couple hundred years young. The NCHFP has not a clue about natural fermentation.
They are supplying information for 'safe' canning of fermentations. Very different game.

Natural fermentation has thousands of variations. You can discover many ways to ferment
depending on taste and preference. Once you understand the fermentation process, you can
experiment. Fermentation naturally is never meant to be bottled, jared, or canned by any
heat method. No such thing as 'recommended safe practices' for natural ferments.

I do not heat treat ever. Raw, whole fresh foods, quick pickle, or ferment. We just do not
care for canned, heat treated foods. Not salsa, beans, or really any processed foods.
Canning is processed.

Worth does not need defending but he does what we do and DOES know what he is doing.

Exhausting to try and explain to those so unfamiliar with natural wild ferments.

All cultures have a harvest period of time, a processing for fermenting, then a period of time
in cooler storage or cellars. Above 85 or there about, you may be destroying the balance of
good bacteria. Not at all dangerous because it is obvious. We all have refrigeration so that
keeps the wild ferments active and safe. A hot climate has AC. Cooler climates have root
cellars. Or basements.

All issues with illness is un-safe canning, heat processing. Not natural fermentations.
Thanks for that, that is what I also understood from the several credible sources I have been consulting on fermentation. Canning pickled veggies is an entirely different process.
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