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Hi All,
We just got back home a few hours ago! I don't know where to begin. EVERYONE was just so WONDERFUL!(Just so you know, not everyone in NY is loud like me) I never thought I could get so full eating mainly tomatoes. Some of the tables were just loaded and gorgeous. I have a Photobucket album I just made. Please take a look:
I tried so many tomatoes and I know I still missed many. Plus there was other great food! Dave T's jalapenos were outstanding. The homemade ketchups Gary made for my Gary's hotdogs were absolutely wonderful. I haven't checked to see if Gary posted the recipes, but he must soon if he hasn't. Oh and he needs to post the recipes for the spreads he brought also. And on top of all that Gary also made coleslaw for my Gary's hotdogs!
I took the desserts with me as snacks for the rest of our vacation. They were all yummy. I told my Gary that a group of tomato lovers would of course make other food great. I wish I could of tried it all.
Earl had me taste a pepper that I don't remember what it was. It was very tasty. My Gary asked me to ask what it was. Earl also gave us garlic and walking onions to take home to plant. Earl's wife, Kathy,(as with all the women there) was a great lady. I can see why he always praises her.
I tried Grub's Mystery Green on Earl's table and really loved it. I did not try Dave T's version. (I couldn't try everything Dave had! check out the photo) Though it was obviously great being the winner.
I never did get to try Jerry's peppers. They were so beautiful; I wish I had. The same goes for Lisa's tomato salad. It was just gorgeous. Her children were all adorable and very sweet.
I'm glad I got to meet Dave M. and his wife, Char. Thank you for giving me plates and letting me use your knife!
I had a lot of fun talking to Ray and "Eric". They really made Gary and I feel at home when we first got there.
I'm glad of course that I finally got to meet Terry. I'm glad I was younger than she imagined. My Gary really liked her Monkey's A**. I guess I need seeds for that one too. I sure hope she comes to the party here.
Tony and Amy were such a great couple. They told us about a few things to do while staying in the area like going to the Union Terminal which we enjoyed.
I enjoyed talking to Susan about sweet tomatoes. She had the sweetest tomato I tried with a Russian sounding name that began with a G. The name escapes me at the moment. I think the trip is catching up to me! I'm getting tired.
I know I'm forgetting a few others and I don't mean too! You all were great.
I'm happy we decided to drive down for the trip. It was a very memorable day. Though Gary is not a "hardcore materhead" like me, he had a wonderful time and now truly knows there are others out there worse than me.
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Yes, we have a great party for WNY/Ontario tomato growers every year on Grand Island!
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