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Default Is this Mite Damage on Garlic?

All my purple stripes were in by yesterday. The weather is glorious and will turn cold by weeks end. I wish I had the bed prepared sooner but this nice weather this week was a bonus.

I completed my garlic planting today. The last section was Romanian Red. The other porcelain planted in this section was German Extra Hardy planted yesterday (Miss M yours should be ok, it was from the bought new pile).

I had saved garlic and bought 3 additional bulbs to increase supply. When I got to breaking the last few saved bulbs one was horrible and matches neck rot but the last bulb was suspicious. As shown in the picture the purple color is funky and it looks like sawdust was trying to form on top. I hope I didn't overlook anything while planting, but it could have happened with the last row of bulbs before I stopped.

Too late to remedy now. Going forward I will soak my saved stock in booze even if it is healthy to the eye.

Panic, what malady have I unleashed in my plot?

I am also concerned about a few cloves from bulbs that I planted that I thought were nicked in harvest that may have actually been rot on the bulb (no photos as I threw the damaged clove out and planted the rest of the bulb),

- Lisa
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