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FWIW I think finding a few damaged bulbs is not unusual. Walking the field to rogue out any that don't look good before harvest time is a routine for me. 5% damage doesn't sound bad - I've had up to 20% with at least minor damage from wireworms and/or mites which can usually be cleaned up, but now and then will find the "pink" damage maybe a few percent overall, which is fusarium or another rot and has to be excluded from general harvest. Same at the farm, there's usually something to rogue out on the order of a percent or two.

I think rotation out of alliums is important because those things tend to spread if you repeat in the same spot. I've done it a few times with a lot of amendments and didn't see a huge increase in problems but... it's taking a risk. I try to rotate at least one year out of alliums, two would be better for a long term plan.
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