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If Finland had mountains and vultures, I would prefer to be sky buried.

Since the two legal choices here are to be put composting in a box in ground (no embalming chemicals are used here) at cemetery or cremated and ashes put in a cemetery or spread to sea or a some natural area (the ashes can not be stored at home), I prefer to be cremated and my ashes spread on our own forest or some other non marked area. I do not need a headstone and place which people have to visit to bring flowers and candles. Who ever wants to remember me can do it where ever they want to be and not some special place, which they would feel obligated to go to.
An other choice of mine would be buried whole in ground in a biodegradable coffin and a tree planted on top of my grave, but since burying a whole body to an unmarked location is not legal here, the cremation is the easiest way for the people who have to take care of my earthy remains.

"I only want to live in peace, plant potatoes and dream."
- Moomin-troll by Tove Jansson
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