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Originally Posted by dustdevil View Post
Being Zone 5b, you should be able to sow beans directly outdoors around May 15th.
On an average year, that is still pushing it a little for sowing beans. My peas will definitely be out by then. We will be in the low 60s for daytime highs and still hovering right around 40 degrees for nightly lows at that time according to the long-term forecast. This is about 7-8 degrees below what we would normally have. It looks like we will break 70F for the first time on May 20th, but then the temperature drops again. June we will see nighttime lows in the 50s and more consistent 70F days. In a few weeks the forecast will get more accurate, so its a waiting game for now.
I am at 2000 feet altitude, so it's a little colder here than it is even 15 miles away.

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