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The search goes on... I've got a new one (to me) this year that may be sweet, but it is larger than a micro, and got big fast when planted on 3-1. It is Patio Choice Yellow Hybrid, an AAS winner from last season. About 20 - 24" tall, with 1" plus golden-yellow fruit. Kind of an Aztek type, but with a significantly larger plant. The other sweet one is Dan's 19X. Started on 2-5, it was a restrained grower. Not a micro, but very sweet when fully ripe and did produce early fruit. I need to measure the Brix, but I would guesstimate in the 8-9 range when dead ripe.

I started several Hardin's Miniature this past January, but the seedlings did not do well for me from the git-go. So I pulled them very early -- lots of alternatives that I was starting that were growing well. I don't know what they didn't like of my care, but obviously something didn't please them!

Dan's sounds very interesting (as always!), so I'll see how they turn out for him this summer. Hope they work out well.
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